Teen Driver Safety

Tips for Protecting Teens and Drivers of Any Age in Ohio and Beyond

At Kinder’s Insurance Agency, we have happily served families in Ironton and the surrounding communities for over 30 years. In that time, we have had many clients go through the exciting process of adding their children to their auto insurance policy as they become old enough to drive.

Being a locally owned agency, we care a great deal about our clients. Protecting them and their families is our top priority, not just by providing them with insurance coverage, but by also making sure they have the knowledge to prevent accidents from happening. That is why we created this teen driver safety guide to provide these new drivers with the information they might lack from experience. Sharing these tips with your child can help give them more confidence on the road and keep your whole family’s premium costs down.

General Tips

  • Obey speed limits. This one may seem obvious, but new drivers can often get caught up in the excitement of being on the road and lose track of how fast they are going. Excess speeding is one of the top causes of accidents among teens.
  • Always have plenty of gas in the tank. Being a new driver can mean getting lost as you learn routes or not having a good idea of how far you can go with any given amount of fuel. Keeping your car filled up means not getting stranded and having some breathing room during unexpected detours.
  • Never leave valuables like wallets, electronics, or shopping bags out in plain sight in your vehicle. Then you won’t have to worry about replacing a broken window.
  • Follow all of the “little rules.” Wearing your seatbelt, using your turn signal, checking your mirrors, and other minor practices are so easy not to do, but could be lifesaving. Remember, it’s as much about protecting yourself from other drivers as it is about driving safely yourself.

Avoiding Distraction

  • Put the phone away. Look, if you are going to talk on the phone, use Bluetooth or some other type of hands free device. But also be aware that the auditory distraction can be enough to cause you to lose focus, even if you have the use of both of your hands. Try to avoid phone conversations, especially in congested traffic. Texting while driving is never okay, ever!
  • Unless you’re checking blind spots, keep your eyes forward. If your car does not have steering wheel controls for your heat/AC or the radio, do not make adjustments while moving. Also, don’t turn around to converse with people in the back seat while moving.
  • Do not drive under the influence. This rule applies 100% of the time to drivers of any age and any experience level. It’s not just being irresponsible to yourself, but you’re endangering everyone else on the road with you. Call your parents or a friend you can depend on and know that any consequences you face will be far less drastic than what could happen if you get on the road. SADD provides contracts that you can print and sign to make a commitment to your parents or anyone you care about not to drink and drive. It may sound cheesy, but knowing that you have an obligation to someone close to you can definitely help you make better choices.

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