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An SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility (CFR) that is required by states and is provided by insurance companies. It verifies that you have auto insurance liability coverage. An SR-22 is also known as an FR-44.

At Kinder’s Insurance Agency we can help you obtain the right SR-22 policy for the most competitive price. We help you acquire and complete the proper documentation and we file an SR-22 certificate on your behalf. We communicate with the state and keep you updated on any changes to your driving status so you can fulfill your responsibilities as an SR-22 carrier. This way, you can drive legally.

What is an SR-22?

SR-22s are required by courts or mandated by states for specific driving-related violations. SR-22 insurance is usually required for drivers who have been caught driving without insurance, but other violations qualify drivers for SR-22 coverage. These violations include:

DUI or DWI conviction

Serious moving violation

Repeated minor traffic violations

Driving without insurance

Suspended or revoked license

If you need an SR-22, the courts or a state Motor Vehicle Department will notify you. Once notified, you must contact an insurer. The insurer will help you file necessary documentation and will confirm your coverage to the state.

The holding period of an SR-22 lasts an average of three years, but can last longer. If you pay required premiums and keep the policy active, the SR-22 will remain in effect. If the SR-22 is valid, you can fulfill your responsibilities to the state. In some cases, a consistently valid SR-22 status can shorten a holding period.

If coverage is canceled at any point, insurers give the state advanced notice before cancellation takes effect. When a cancellation is made, insurers file an SR-26 with the state. The SR-26 indicates that a policy is not in effect.

Are There Fees for Filing an SR-22?

Most states require a one-time fee (usually $25) for filing an SR-22. If you allow your policy to lapse, the fee must be paid again. If you do not have auto insurance at the time of filing, the filing fee will be included in your insurance quote. If you are insured however, the fee will be separate.

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If you live in Ohio and need a filing, we will help you fulfill the state’s requirements and keep you driving legally. Whether you’ve been insured in the past or have never had drivers insurance, we’ll help you find the policy that provides the coverage you need.

At Kinder’s Insurance Agency, we specialize in prompt, efficient service. We can help get you covered promptly. This way, you remain independent and secure behind the wheel.

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