Getting Married This Year?

Getting Married This Year?

January 31, 2023

Booking an Event at a Venue for a Special Occasion?

Venues have become very popular for weddings as well as other types of events. As Venues gain in popularity, many are now requiring the “renter” to purchase special event insurance. One more thing to add to the wedding planner or the endless to do list. Special Event insurance is purchased for the specific dates of your wedding or event. It helps cover costs if you are found responsible for injury or possibly property damage. In addition, coverage can added in the event of cancellation. If your special occasion is in Ohio or Kentucky, we can help!

A lot of planning goes into a wedding but you also need a “to do” list after the wedding.

Auto Insurance:

You will need to combined your auto insurance. It is important that you address this as quickly as possible. All household drivers need listed on the policy and you will probably be driving each other vehicles. In addition, insurance carriers require the vehicles be listed at the garaging address they stay at overnight and chances are one of you if not both will be moving.

Homeowner’s/ Renters Insurance:

You will need to either purchase homeowners insurance or renters insurance. Most people know you need home insurance if buy a home and all mortgage companies require it before they will close on a home. However, many people do not realize how important renters insurance actually is. I know it may not seem like you have much starting out, but things accumulate very quickly. Not only do you need coverage for the things you own but you also need liability coverage in case someone is injured at your residence and you are found to be liable for their injury. Plus, when you do purchase a home, the renters insurance qualifies as prior insurance which can help your rate as well as qualify you for coverage with more carriers.

Name Change:

If you are changing your name, check out this website my new daughter in law found:
You can access all the forms you need to get your named changed as well as directions on what to do with the forms once they are completed. She said it made things so much easier.

Life Insurance:

At some point in the near future, you want to start discussing the need for life insurance. The longer you are married the more dependent you become on each other not to mention the cost of covering funeral expenses.

Make a Will:

You can use this site and take advantage of making a will for free.