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Auto and Homeowners Insurance

Auto and Homeowners Insurance Information

Homeowners and Auto Insurance Package in Ironton, Coal Grove, and Wheelersburg, OH

Bundling Coverage for the Benefit of Residents and Drivers in the Ohio Valley

Time is one of the most valuable assets for Ohioans. Whether driving to practice or carving out time for a family dinner, pauses in activity are few and fair between. At Kinder’s Insurance Agency, our agents are also always on the move, working to keep families in Ironton, Coal Grove, Wheelersburg, South Point, and surrounding Ohio Valley communities safeguarded from risk.

To protect both your time and investment in insurance services, we recommend bundling coverage when available. Combining homeowners and auto insurance protection adds value, as a multiline policy can streamline services and provide access to discounted rates. 

Why Should I Combine Homeowners and Auto Insurance Coverage?

Our status as a local, independently owned insurance agency gives us the ability to pair client needs with products from nationally renowned insurance carriers, such as Nationwide Insurance, Safeco, AAA, and Buckeye Insurance Group. For clients, this translates into direct communication with their agent, alongside reliable insurance coverage.


Working directly with a variety of insurance companies gives us insight into how they conduct business. Although there are often contrasts between carriers, generally a common value is placed on your business. That value only increases when carriers have the ability to plan for your investment on a long-term basis.


Bundling home and auto insurance under one insurance company displays a commitment. In acknowledgement of this behavior, carriers often offer discounted rates and access to additional coverage opportunities. Supplemental coverage traditionally includes, but is not limited to:

  • A guaranteed full-year policy term for your car
  • On Your Side insurance protection
  • 24-hour customer and claim service
  • Claim service

Along with saving monetary costs, bundled policies also save time. With a single, multi-functional policy under one carrier, efficiency can be achieved, especially when it comes time for premium payments and renewals. 

Ever Consider, ‘Is Home and Auto Insurance Available Near Me?’

We have a unique understanding of the risks relevant to Ohio Valley residents. Like you, we live and work in the area; this insight into relevant risks is used for every individual, home, and car we insure. 


For more information about bundling your current or future insurance policies, please contact an agent. To begin developing coverage, request a quote.

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At Kinder’s Insurance Agency, we’re proud to provide combined home and auto insurance policies in Ironton, Wheelersburg, South Point, Chesapeake, Proctorville, and Portsmouth, OH. We are licensed to write coverage in Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky.